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Propane 20LBS

Sale Price: $32.95
  • The following safety rules apply to the handling of propane cylinders:
  • Never put a cylinder in place for use without making sure it is secure.
  • Always keep a cylinder upright.
  • Never put a propane cylinder in a closed vehicle. When transporting it, secure the cylinder in an upright position to prevent tipping. If transporting in a truck, block the trunk lid open. If transporting within the passenger compartment, leave the windows open.
  • Cylinders are painted in light-reflecting colours. If you must repaint them, do not use dark or flat colours, which absorb heat. This could cause the propane liquid to expand and be released through the safety valve.
  • Never take a propane cylinder indoors if it contains, or has contained propane. This is dangerous and unlawful.
  • Be sure that it is the size that fits your appliance bracket and the cylinder valve connection is compatible with the connection type on your equipment.
  • Check that the cylinder valve is closed whenever the cylinder is not in use and before connecting or disconnecting the cylinder.
  • Check that all valves on appliances are closed before connecting a cylinder.
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